Performance Schedule

(Download the full program here)

Wednesday, June 21

Beginning 6pm ‘Unsee’ by H.A.M + Ntilit
(3h) | ‘Ulysses’ by Simla Civelek (15h+)| ‘Cake Table’ by Miguel Olivares (edible installation) 

Beginning 9pm Chasm‘ by Rebecca Patek (9h) | ‘OLVIDO: of things past and the future present’ by Hector Canonge (3h) | ‘UNTITLED (the purification bath)’ by Michael Freeman (3h)

Thursday, June 22

Beginning 9am– ‘Hangers 101’ by Marie Christine Katz (12h)

Beginning 12pm‘At Her Feet’ by Rae Goodwin (6h) | ‘Dr. Mira’ by Mira Treatman (3h)

Beginning 6pm ‘The Linden Cycle’ by Ethan Primason, Roxy Gordon, Nick Nazmi & Dexter Dine (3h) | ‘Black+Decker’ by Leah Aron (6h) |  ‘Comfort Able’ by Barbara Ann Michaels  (3h)

Beginning 9pm‘725’ by Miao Jiaxin (3h) | ‘Cavern’ by Camila Caneque (3h) | ‘Tyranny’ by Jill McDermid (3h)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Beginning 12amConstant Vigilance/Our Social Eye(s)’ by Panoply Performance Laboratory- Kaia Gilje, Anaïs Maviel, Lorene Bouboushian, Brian McCorkle, and Esther Neff (12h)

Beginning 12pm‘Hot Consumer Trash’ by Andrew Braddock, Alex Chellet, Raquel Mavecq, Antonio Ramos, Isa Frost and Alex Romania (3h)

Beginning 3pm– Experimental music show organized by Lathan Hardy (3h) | ‘The Push and Pull of Proximity’ by Django Voris (3h)

Beginning 6pm– ‘The Substance of Heaven’ by Veronica Pena (6h) |‘Self, Exhibition’ by Scears Lee (24h) 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Beginning 12pm‘Foreclosure’ by Joseph Ravens (3h)

Beginning 6pm Homage to Carolee Schneemann: Mia Schachter (3h)| Arantxa Araujo (3h) | Siw Laurent (3h) | Suzan D. Polat (3h)

Beginning 9pm– Silent House Party with Dj Django Voris (3h)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beginning 12amPerformance To A Sleeping Audience by Lital Dotan (6h)

Beginning 6am– ‘Morgenstund hat Gold Im Mund’ A Dawn Performance by Sindy Butz (3h)

Beginning 9am– Movement performance workshop by Stacy Lynn Smith

Beginning 12pm‘Dr. Mira’ by Mira Treatman | ‘Day In the Life of A Cyborg Monkey’ by Alizarin & Kai | Felix Morello

Beginning 3pm– ‘Post Wor(l)ds’ Literary performance organized by Hanan Elstein

Beginning 6pm‘Baking Bobby’ by Anya Liftig (3h)| ‘Widow’ by Jil Guyon (3h)| ‘Undone’ by Katya Grokhovsky (3h)

Closing act– Cleaning The House